Presentation to county jails

We reach out to county jails and see if there is first any openings. Then we present our program to the jail administrator. If we are allowed into the facility we then need a local Baptist believer who has a heart for jail ministry and train that individual for presenting our program. We do not get into every facility but many jail administrators are open to the core topics we teach.

What type of inmates do we see in the jails?

So how did Counted Worthy get started?

Counted Worthy is a ministry that started after several years of working with the incarcerated in a large metropolitan county jail. There were ten men and women going into the jail weekly (and still do). Thoroughly trained, we set out on what would become one of our most amazing ministry experiences. Men and women inmates were getting saved weekly and growing rapidly. Many months later, burdened to reach more incarcerated, my soul was touched to pursue a prison ministry as well. God opened the doors to two local prison facilities almost right away. I noticed that some of the men who we had seen in the county jail were now in the two prisons where I volunteered at as a chaplain, conducting Sunday services. Those men were greatly impacted by our earlier ministry at the county jail and continued to seek the Lord in prison. It was October of 2015 that the Lord impressed upon me that I needed to go full-time into this jail ministry. And thus, Counted Worthy was started, under the authority of the local church I have had the pleasure of serving in for thirty years

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